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Based in the UK with customers spanning the globe, Optimum Aero is a specialist aviation consultancy operating in all aspects of cabin interior design, configuration, retrofit, procurement, parts supply and refurbishment services, for commercial passenger and private VIP aircraft.

Recognising the aesthetic importance, practicality, time and budgetary implications of designing and fitting out aircraft cabins, Optimum Aero brings significant industry experience and technical insight to customer partnerships. We understand the complexities of every project and the operational constraints involved, particularly applicable to aircraft on lease transitions.

It’s our mission at Optimum Aero to be the partner of choice for cabin interior projects, no matter the size, budget or complexity. Our bespoke outsourced solution alleviates the need for internal procurement departments, delivering significant cost benefits. In response to the challenges of climate change and aviation, Optimum Aero is also focused on providing sustainable options to customer requirements, wherever possible, including the remanufacture and refurbishment of interior cabin parts.

All parts sourced from our trusted international network

With 25 years of industry knowledge and experience, Optimum Aero is an Aircraft Interior Design company based in the UK.

Years of industry knowledge
and experience

We have worked within the cabin interior sector for over 25 years, bringing a vast wealth of experience, know-how and process management expertise to every customer project. Whatever the brief, Optimum Aero is your knowledgeable and cost-efficient project partner.

Optimum Aero aims to play its part in helping to deliver more sustainable solutions.

Sustainably sourced
wherever possible

At Optimum Aero, we are acutely aware of the challenges facing the global aviation industry in respect of climate change. As such, our business aims to play its part in helping to deliver more sustainable solutions. This includes the procurement of refurbished or remanufactured interior parts, as an alternative to new, from our trusted network of suppliers.

Aircraft Interior Design company provides a bespoke approach to every customer project.

specific parts

We provide a bespoke approach to every customer project. In certain cases, this may demand the manufacture of specific parts for a particular application. Optimum Aero is well placed to discuss and facilitate tailor-made design, material selection and manufacture of any required parts.

Reconfiguration project cycle…

Optimum Aero is an Aircraft Interiors company in the UK.

Step 1. We listen to your requirements

Step 2. We advise from our experience

Step 3. We implement in cooperation with our approved partners

We source our parts from a wide network